Frequently Asked Questions

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Handle Data is a powerful visitor identification tool that can put an email address to your website's anonymous visitors with unparalleled accuracy.

Handle Data provides you with the email addresses of the people visiting your website.

Handle Data enjoys a wide ranging client base, covering sectors such as marketing agencies, recruitment, sales and retail.

If your business needs sales, marketing, promotion, forecasting or strategy planning, it would be more effective knowing the email address of those who are visiting your website.

Our price per domain gives you unlimited data and unlimited users. You simply add as many domains to track as you need.

Handle Data bill's on a per domain basis, and don't limit you to any number of domains. Just add as many as you need.

Handle Data captures and stores data in near real-time, so you will have all the very latest data available.

Handle Data can provide the visitor's first name, last name, email address and return frequency of visits to your website.

You may read our privacy policy here

You will need a cookie policy and 'cookie consent' box for your website to conform with EU Law. Our site offers examples of cookie consent scripts that you add to your website which may be styled to your brands guidlines.

Please visit our tutorials page to walk you through our very simple step-by-step process.

From your account's dashboard you simply select the domain for which you wish to view the visitor data.

We provide both Excel, CSV and PDF export options. You'll find the buttons at the top of your visitor data table.

Yes. You can leave at any time, taking your data with you.

Yes. Your credit card information never reaches our servers. It is handled by, our trusted payment partner.

Handle Data offer a sliding scale based on the amount of domains bought either direct or via a reseller. Please email [email protected] or speak to your Handle representative for more info.

No, all our prices are subject to VAT.

All of your invoices are available to download from within your account.

Your subscription is charged in advance on a monthly basis. You may cancel at any time and your account will remain active and available to you until the end of the current billing cycle.

You should send an email detailing your query to [email protected] or speak with your Handle Data representative.

You should send an email with your thoughts to [email protected] or speak with your Handle Data representative.

No, with Handle Data you have unlimited users. You simply invite anyone you need to include through your account settings page.

We provide a fully downloadable report in either CSV or Excel file format. Once downloaded you may filter according to your needs in the application of your choice.

Pre-Installation Questions
I'd like to install on my website - what do I need to know first? is visitor tracker that has been developed to provide a way for your visitors to explicitly accept your website's terms & conditions. It does this with minimal configuration and maximum flexibility. Our script only requires you to add two unique ID's or Class-name to work. It can work with any cookie-consent script, plugin, modal or other method of HTML notification you wish.
Once installed, you will see a new \"disclaimer\" appended to you cokkie-consent policy's text along with an ares for your visitors to enter & select thier name.

All websites in the UK and Europe require a cookie-consent policy. If your website doesn't currently have one then you will need to add one prior to installing

There are many free scripts and plugins available and we would recommend this one by Osano.

You will need to create an account with here. Enojy your first 7day on us, that's plenty of time to install and enjoy the power of for free. Next, follow our step-by-step tutorial here. You can always come back here if you need a little extra help.

If installed correctly, your website's cookie-consent should now include a new discalimer asking the visitor to enter their name to agree the terms & conditions of your website.

Testing is simple, just enter & select your name within cookie policy popup then check that you appear in you visitor data in your account.

Post-Installation Problems
I've followed the tutorials but something seems "not quite right" to me.

The snippet includes a tiny HTML element that contains the disclaimer text. It is important that this is hidden either by including in in your CSS:

...or by adding a style attribute to the element itself:
<div data-handledata style="display:none" >

* This element includes the style attribute by default.

This is the normal behavior for tracker and is to be expected. We do this to ensure your visitors enter their name, accepting the 'terms & conditions' and use your website.

The disclaimer will only be displayed on compatible browsers. This currently includes Chrome on Windows and Safari and Chrome on MacOS and we're bringing to more browsers very soon.

Your first step is always to check your browser's console through its 'dev-tools' panel ("inspector"). You can usually find the developer tools on F12 or via a right-click > Inspect. Then by moniting the "console" you may have some helpfull notices pointing you in the right direction. If, you have javascript errors caused by other scirpts or plugins you are using, then you will need to resolve these first as when a Javascript has an error it may prevent any scripts after that point from working.

The tracker inserts itself in to your cookie-consent dialogue using the ID or unique class name you put in your snippet as the last child of the "message container" element. Please check that you have used the unique ID or classname of this container witihn your snippet, replacing "MESSAGE_CONTAINER_CLASS"

You should check that you have entered the correct, unique ID or Class-name from your cookie-consent's 'accept' button and replaced where it says "ACCEPT_OR_DISMISS_BUTTON_CLASS" in your snippet.

Customising the Copy & Style
I've installed and tested my installation and now I'd like to tailor it to better suit my website.

Absolutely. Simply change the text with the snippet's

element. Remember, provides a means to gather visitor data, So the wording you use should encourage the greatest number of visitors to comply.

By default, the data-handledata attribute is styled mostly using: inherit and/or !default so as to be as least intrusive as possible.
This is the full CSS class that adds to top of your website's <head> tag.

*[data-handledata] {
*[data-handledata-consent] input, *[data-handledata-consent] input:-webkit-autofill, *[data-handledata-consent] input:-webkit-autofill:hover, *[data-handledata-consent] input:-webkit-autofill:focus {
    border-bottom:1px dotted #fff;
    -webkit-box-shadow: 0 0 0 30px white inset;
    -webkit-text-fill-color: black;
*[data-handledata-consent] input::-webkit-input-placeholder {
  font-size: inherit;
*[data-handledata-consent] input::-moz-placeholder {
  font-size: inherit;
*[data-handledata-consent] input::placeholder {
  font-size: inherit;

Unfortunatly this area must be a solid color. This is a restriction on the browser and not a limitation of or CSS.

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