Would knowing who is visiting your website be of value to your business?

Handle Data turns your anonymous visitors into email addresses

How can Handle Data help my business?

By Installing our simple code into your website you can start capturing leads immediately. Here are some of the reasons our clients use Handle Data:

  • Offers email addresses and telephone numbers for direct communication
  • Delivers a constant stream of leads from people who have already expressed interest by visiting your website.
  • Offers stats on how many times people visit your site
  • Maximises campaign ROI
  • Gives you a marketing edge on your competitors.

Handle Data is fully compliant with the latest GDPR rules set by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

All your visitor data for one price.


Unlimited Data

GDPR Compliant

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What is Handle Data?

Handle Data is a powerful visitor identification tool that can put an email address to your website's anonymous visitors with unparalleled accuracy.